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Episode 12

What possibly led Jason Huwe and his wife Michelle to leave their nice midwestern life and move to a teeny tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? And is island life all it’s cracked up to be?

Jason Huwe joins the podcast this week, telling about how they reached the decision to move, and how this decision ultimately transformed them, giving them the strength to trust God so much more in the future. It’s an incredible story of boldness and trust.

At the 21 minute mark of the podcast, Jason talks about his fascination with and love for manta rays. Here’s a video from Kwajalein of the manta rays he encountered there.

Jason and Michelle’s website, Adventures in Aviators, catalogues over a decade of their journeys to places all over the world, from Vietnam to Iceland. And their YouTube channel is full of incredible footage of places most of us would be lucky to see just once in our lifetimes. Take a few minutes and live vicariously through them!